18 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
CrazyEttin b34b0ea74e Add new under construction system calls to the readme and change the one for loading files to accomodate them, move the disk parameters to the main namespace in anticipation of restructuring the disk operations with the addition of the new system calls, rewrite parts of system to remove essentially duplicate code, and rewrite the explanation of the file system in the readme. 1 year ago
CrazyEttin 8baa294947 Rewrite everything to be more elegant, prevent changing to non-existent drives, add the option to quit print and list while paging and modify the readme accordingly, and add info on the EttinOS-extra repository to the readme. 2 years ago
CrazyEttin a20d846f60 Fix the root loading bug in the bootloader as well just to be safe, fix a bug in loadf giving a file size one sector too large, make loadf return the size of the file in cx, change print to work based on file size instead of a file ending character, and modify the readme and other text files accordingly. 2 years ago
CrazyEttin e605a6a0a8 Add paging to print and modify the readme accordingly, add the file loading bug to the known bugs section, and tidy the usage section. 2 years ago
CrazyEttin 79a2fc78b8 Make loadf check if there is enough memory before loading a file, and make the loadf error states and messages more specific and modify the readme accordingly. 2 years ago
CrazyEttin 1ba0dbe89f Rename type to print and modify the readme and make.sh accordingly, fix a bug where the system would crash if you tried to access a non-existent or empty drive, add a section for known bugs in the readme, tidy up the code a bit, and add a logo. 2 years ago
CrazyEttin 6d5d7963e5 Relocated programs to 0x3000 because of a miscalculation of how much room the file systems of 1440 KiB disks take. 2 years ago
CrazyEttin f6c67e0c82 Make drive specifications work for command as well and modify the readme accordingly, and fix some other minor bugs. 2 years ago
CrazyEttin 116b21bab7 Implement drive specifications for loadf and list and modify the readme accordingly, rewrite error messages, and decide to not support EBPB and file attributes. 2 years ago
CrazyEttin 874bcb9d67 Write list and update the readme and make.sh accordingly, fix the drive changing command so that ignores extra spaces and possible command tails, remove cmpstr as it is no longer used by anything, and make readstr independent of terminal width again. 2 years ago
CrazyEttin 851abfe053 Fix the loading problem at track border in the bootloader as well, tidy up loadf a bit more, rewrite the sections of the readme about input and commands as a single section about usage, and add a line to make.sh deleting any existing source image before creating a new one. 2 years ago
CrazyEttin 2544d96a81 Fix a bug in loadf that prevented reading clusters at a track boundary, write type, Ettinify the text files, and modify the readme and make.sh accordingly, and add a source disk image to make.sh. 2 years ago
CrazyEttin 92d93714bd Write echo, update the readme with information on how the commands work, and replace a lodsb stosb loop in the shell with a movsb one. 2 years ago
CrazyEttin 1758b807e0 Get loadf variables from the disk description table instead of hardcoding them, tidy up the make script a bit, add contributors to the copyright statement, and change the phrasing of the readme slightly. 2 years ago
CrazyEttin 5aa6bcb79c Add support for Sortix build environment. 2 years ago
CrazyEttin 2bfa61b669 Change the line endings of the text files from Unix to DOS style. 2 years ago
CrazyEttin 08f2d57bb2 Move the system stack to the end of the address space, make the shell ignore empty input, and tweak printstr and readstr a bit. 2 years ago
CrazyEttin 2e003c3198 Write loadf and rewrite the shell to load external programs with it instead of internal calls. 2 years ago