Dungeon crawler, with emphasis on the crawler
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A dungeon crawler. That is, you are crawling around in a dungeon. This means
you can't easily turn around in tight spaces and your vision to where you
came from is limited.

Find the Orb of Èitmer hidden within the dungeon, and beware the slimes for
it is up to chance whether you or they will prevail should you meet. It is
however better to face them head-on than to suffer an attack from behind.

If you find yourself stuck in a corner, try moving diagonally backwards.

jkl - movement up, left, down, right

u o
m . - movement upleft, downleft, downright, upright

a - autoexplore

space - do nothing for a turn
r - restart
q - quit
c - configure keybindings

The game code and assets are under Creative Commons Zero 1.0 Universal
license. If other code or data is distributed alongside them, see the
attached license.txt file for information about their licenses.

Ending screen - Teuer
Rest of the game - nortti