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Not that ugly IRC bot. In fact, ircbot.py is quite nice.
(3 years later) Actually, I take that one back. That's quite horrible.

eliza.py is not part of oonbotti2, and is under a BSD-style license. Original
can be found at http://www.jezuk.co.uk/cgi-bin/view/software/eliza

You should create following files:

trusted.txt: People that have access to #op and friends. Format is
             "##ingsoc nortti\n##ingsoc foobar\n". The account names are case
gods.txt: Same as above, except can't be #untrust'ed
msgs.txt: Messages that haven't been delivered. Leave it empty
bot.conf: See bot.conf.example

Run `python3 ircbot.py`

Console commands
q: Quit

You can also run arbitrary IRC commands by prefixing them with '/'. The command
is converted to upper case, but line is otherwise sent raw

* FireFly: Join back to auto-join channels on /invite (original)