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Ordos aims to be a buildable operating system based on MS-DOS 1.25.
File origins & License
Here 'ms-dos' refers to the Microsoft repository, while 'ordos' refers to
new files for Ordos. Build system files are all new for Ordos. Everything
is under the MIT license.
boot.asm ordos
command.asm ms-dos v1.25/source/COMMAND.ASM
debug.com ms-dos v1.25/bin/DEBUG.COM
edlin.com ms-dos v1.25/bin/EDLIN.COM
exe2bin.exe ms-dos v1.25/bin/EXE2BIN.EXE
io.asm ordos
link.exe ms-dos v1.25/bin/LINK.EXE
masm.exe ms-dos v2.0/bin/MASM.EXE
msdos.asm ms-dos v1.25/source/MSDOS.ASM
stddos.asm ms-dos v1.25/source/STDDOS.ASM
MASM requires CR-LF line endings, while the Microsoft source code appers to
have LF.