A simple Cards Against Humanity bot
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TeA is a simple Cards Against Humanity bot for IRC. It is based on o3-base.


For the time being it stands for tāsh-e-ākramak 'aggressive cards', but if a better Hindi / Urdu name cames along, I'll change it. A previous CAH bot in our channel was called CardsAgainstIRC, shortened CaI. I always read it as "chai", so I thought naming this one in Hindi but having it shorted to "tea" made sense.

Thanks to Shikhin for tāsh-e-ākramak.


Copy bot.conf.example to bot.conf and run python3 ircbot.py. You can also test the game logic by doing python3 gameloop.py directly.

dump_deck.py and random_deck.py are stand-alone toola for interacting with Cardcast API. They use cardcast_api.py to do the requests.


Everything in this repo is under CC0.