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+The New Mushroom Kingdom's economy is very large and highly efficient, importing and exporting like any other modern nation.
+International trade is managed by a department of the government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In particular, the Department of Trade - the person in charge has the rather boring title of Department Head.
+The government is open to requests or enquiries about trade-related talks with any other nation, subject to approval to ensure it won't contradict other government policies. The list of nations which the NMK views as having special trading statuses is shown as the below table.
+The table does not reflect the existence or non-existence of reciprocal agreements from those nations.
+[[!table  data="""
+Nation|Status|Additional Notes
+The Constitutional Monarchy of The Grand Duchy Of Nova Capile|Most Favoured Nation|None
+The Holy Empire of New United States of Columbia|Most Favoured Nation|None
+The Greater European Empire of New Decius|Most Favoured Nation|None
+The Empire of Aureumterra|Favoured Nation|Vessels are grouped into convoys with small military escorts due to escalating international conflict and tension.