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+His Imperial Majesty Shroom Emperor Napoleon II is the current ruler of the Shroom Empire of the New Mushroom Kingdom.
+He succeeded to the throne after his father, the first Emperor Napoleon and a crucial person in forming the policies, strategies and environment that is the modern Mushroom Kingdom after they fell into a deep coma.
+According to the doctors responsible for treating him, they are not likely to ever wake up and if they did, it is unsure what the resulting effects would be. As Napoleon II was and remains a minor, the succession has caused the Regent Act to come properly into force.
+Since they have succeeded to the throne, two people have held the statutory position of Regent: Votl and Vince. The former was assassinated by foreign terrorists but the latter has so far remained alive. As a child cannot take care of all of an Emperor's duties they have extremely wide-ranging powers.
+In addition, they fill the missing role of parent to the young Emperor. As part of the law, Vince's power only has the four limitations outlined in the Regent Act, and is legally immune from all crimes except that of High Treason against the Shroom Empire - no such accusation has yet ben levied.
+Currently, Napoleon resides in Toad Town' Imperial Palace, along with the Regent and the attendant staff. He attends a private preparatory school elsewhere in the capital, escorted and guarded by the Secret Service's bodyguards. Policy under the previous Emperor sometimes involved them being taught abroad, but this has been entirely abandonded after they became Emperor. While the Ministry of Education has revealed that he has had problems with going to other schools in the past, the exact details of such remain classified to their employees. Notably, one such incident is known to have caused the arrest of multiple boysa and the dismissal (and rumoured execution) of the Minister of Education at the time.
+Due to his young age and privileged position, a comprehensive personality profile is not known for Emperor Napoleon. However, publicly availble information provides the following:
+Likes: Mushrooms, School, Yoshis, Dressing Up
+Dislikes: Goombas, Grey Toads, certain unnamed vegetables.
+## Known Photographs of the Emperor:
+Walking in a formal ceremony
+[[!img  fancy.jpg size="400x600" alt="Emperor Napoleon II walking in a formal, decorated military-esque uniform"]]
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