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-[[!meta  title="Propellor and a Raspberry Pi 3" author="samis"]]
+[[!meta title="Propellor and a Raspberry Pi 3" author="samis"]]
 [[!tag tech linux]]
 I've given a number of configuration management tools a whirl - Puppet, Chef, Salt, Ansible.
 Chef and Puppet started nice, but seemed complex to use given my small needs.
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 I got started, there were and remain some niggles and quirks on the road - for example my VPS needed special bootstrapping attention (interestingly the problem was fixed upstream the same day I worked around it)
 Soon enough two of three boxen of interest had a no-op configuration applied, indicating that the program was working correctly for future usage. But what happened to that third one? It's a long story.
-This third box was a Raspberry Pi 3 running [Arch Linux ARM](
+This third box was my [Raspberry Pi 3]( running [Arch Linux ARM](
 # My attempts