An optimizing brainfuck interpreter in js
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Gir is an optimizing brainfuck interpreter in Javascript.


𒌋𒀜 gir (Sumerian) - n. kiln


Everything in the repo is under Unlicense / CC0.


Gir can parse, prettyprint, and run programs in brainfuck. Gir supports following optimizations:

  • Turn runs of +- or <> into one command
  • Turn [-] or [+] into one command
  • Add offsets to commands that modify tape, to reduce moving tape head
  • Turn multiply loops into one command


ircbot.js is an implementation of an IRC bot's brainfuck interpreter function. Smaller examples for every function are available in

const gir = require('bf-gir');
let compiled = gir.compile(',[+.,]');
let input = gir.encodeUTF8('Foobar');
let vm = gir.newVM(compiled, input);
let result = gir.runVM(vm, 1000);

if(result.complete) {
} else {
	console.log('Bf program terminated abnormally');


Gir is available at npm registry under the name bf-gir.



  • Implement a UI


  • Move stuff into subdirectories?